Freshly Ground Pepper

Export And Trading (Domestic And International)

High up in the misty cold valleys of Coorg, a bit of warmth and heat is always appreciated and so the people there learnt to grow some of the finest pepper known to those who appreciate the spicy sensation. We have been exporting pepper for over 35 years and ensure that our packaging of the products cater to the environment as well as to the customer it is being exported to. We export our pepper, both black and white to local as well as international Markets. We want to give our customers a taste of what real peppers are like, so we would like to invite them to our plantation for a pepper experience. 
Delivery time would vary according to the location. While locations within in India might permit a sooner delivery and International deliveries would take up longer period.

Freshly Ground Pepper.

Some like it mild while some like it hot, some like it aged while some like it freshly ground, some like it in the form of fine powder but some like it coarsely ground. Let us know how you’d like yours. We ground both black and white pepper or if you want, even a blend of both. Customers can come up with their unique way of how they want it ground and get it touch with us regarding the same. We will try our best to cater to your palette and taste. To export our pepper, customers are requested to provide their addresses via the email provided on the website. Delivery time will depend on the location. While locations within India might permit a sooner delivery, international deliveries may take up to couple of  weeks.