A Coffee Lover’s Gallore

Filter Coffees

We have curated 6 unique blends that suit the palette of every coffee lover. For those who like it strong and bold, Dark Arts offers the Chill Out blend, House Blend and the Bold Morning Shot. These blends are exclusively made to jolt you right out of bed and into your day. No jokes. For those who like subtle notes of coffee, Dark Arts offers the Cold Brew Blend, Italian Blend and Piccoleta. These blends have a fruity flavour and taste excellent when consumed Hot, but a cold version is sure to blow your mind. However, if you want our special commodity coffee, that can also be arranged, whether you want it with or without the added element of chicory. It is recommended that you try a sip of our filter coffee first before you decide to curate the taste that you want.

Export And Trading

Dark arts offers wide variety of filter coffee in commodity and specialty varieties  as well as the raw coffee beans arabica and robust cherry parchments are available to our costumers in different grading qualities and in varying quantities as per the requirements of the costumers.
Dark arts takes both national and international orders and we try our best to bring it to our costumer’s in a customised packages which ensures that our customers are experiencing the coffee as freshly as they are pressed out of coffee beans directly plucked from coffee plants. 
We love to make our costumer’s experience the real coffee like, so we would like to invite our costumers to our plantation and have the coffee experience.
Delivery time would vary according to the location. While locations within in India might permit a sooner delivery and International deliveries would take up longer period. 
We respect your cooperation, your coffee would get plucked soon!

Coffee Roasting And Grinding

We provide both coffee roasting and grinding services. The roast can vary from light, medium to dark. All forms of roast are suitable for both hot as well as cold coffee brewing. They can be consumed as they are or with a splash of milk of your choice. You can even customize your grinding from finely ground to your selection of coarse grinding. While coarse grinding is suitable for hot brews, our finely ground beans cater excellently to cold brews. For a more personalized experience feel free to contact us and discuss your preferences. The roasting and grinding are all done in-house to provide customers with the best possible satisfaction.

Your Customisation Is Your Exclusive Experience

How a person takes his coffee tells us a lot about them. So here at Dark Arts, we offer you the choice of dictating how you want your personalized coffee. Dark or medium? Coarse or fine? We leave it up to you. No judgement.