Chill Out - Coffee

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Close your eyes and let the taste of figs, roasted almonds, dark chocolate and coffee come to life.

This Arabica roasted medium-dark blend contains a mixture of dark chocolate, figs and roasted almonds. A very popular blend in Coorg and among our customers. Can be enjoyed both hot and cold. With milk or without. Whether its summer or winter, there are always those who like experimenting with ice and coffee. Due to the diluting nature of ice, it is important the coffee is strong and bitter enough to retain its taste. The nutty hint of roasted almonds and figs ensure that the sharpness of the coffee is not watered away by the ice while the bitterness of the dark chocolate provides a sharp aftereffect.

Munavvar K

Recommend this
The best coffee I have ever had to my recollection really tastes very good in the morning especially. Recommend this no bother try it Don't think you will regret it.
May 12, 2022

Gokul K

Its really good,
Its really good, smooth and rich. My neighbour also enjoyed this.
May 05, 2022

Sreenath Mohan

I bought my first filter
I bought my first filter coffee to switch away from instant coffee and I decided to buy this coffee from darkarts as my first coffee to use with the filter. I chose this coffee due to its good reviews and good price. The other reviews were right. This coffee smells great and taste great, not other comments to make. I am not sure how much of an idea this could provide about the strength and quality of the coffee, but I usually use a heaped spoon of this ground coffee to make 200-250ml of coffee.
May 05, 2022

Karthik K P

One of the best-grounded coffee for everyday use
One of the best-grounded coffee for everyday use and even for special occasions too, as it has a good aroma & strength to it requiring less scoops of grounded coffee for your machine meaning it will last far longer than some other brands out there.
April 14, 2022