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Dark Arts is the collaborative creation by two brothers who have grown up in the mountains of Coorg. As young children, they would wake up to the smell of coffee beans being roasted and refined. But the true magic of coffee was only introduced to them once they tasted the richness of the pure roasted Arabica. The aroma and the enticing taste of the Arabica beans compelled them to help out the family estate that grew and produced their own coffee beans. However, as time would have it, both brothers walked into different directions to pursue their education and career yet remained connected with their love and coffee. While studying in UK, one of the brothers discovered the various methods of grounding, roasting and blending coffee around Eruope, that were not predominantly used in India and decided to introduce these innovative methods to the coffee estate him and his brother so lovingly adored. Thus, DarkArts was born.
Dark Arts is the story of two brothers discovering and falling in love with the myriad reincarnations of coffee.

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What We Offer

Dark Arts offers 6 blends of speciality coffee and 3 commodity coffee

  • Cold Brew Blend

    Our premium roast-medium dark coffee, grown in the Poplicad estate. Laced with dark chocolate, toffee and roasted hazelnut. If you love chocolate, then this is the one for you.

  • Italian Blend

    Love a fruity chocolatey taste? No worries. This is our Dark Roast coffee grown in the west end estate, laced with dark chocolate, cocoa and fruit jam.

  • Piccoleta

    Yet another variation of our fruity chocolate creations. This is our special process washed, roast medium-dark coffee grown exclusively in the sun beam estate. A sip of this coffee will leave subtle notes of dark chocolate, stone fruit and roasted almond in your mouth.

  • Chill Out

    Just like the name suggests. This blend is perfect for a stress buster. Grown in our Ruby estate, this roasted medium-dark blend contains a mixture of dark chocolate, figs and roasted almonds.

  • House Blend

    Coffee? But with the fantasy of tea. This is one of our signature blends grown in the wester hill estate. A sip of this coffee will leave subtle notes of black tea, raisin and hazelnut that linger long enough for you to come back for another round of coffee.

  • Bold Morning Shot

    Not for the faint hearted! Grown in our crystal estate, it's a process washed dark roast, laced with cocoa and notes of oak with a bittersweet taste. This will jolt you right out of bed and into your day. No jokes.

Arabica and Robusta are the two primary commodity coffees that are blended to produce the different blends of Dark Arts. Sometimes Chicory is added to the mix, to enhance the flavour of the coffee. The composition of the commodity coffee can go three ways:
  • The first blend is where it is 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta. This blend is richer and stronger and best suits people with bold palettes.
  • The second blend is where it is 60% Arabic and 40% Robust. This blend is more soothing and calming and best suits calmer palettes.
  • The third blend is 60% Robusta and 40% Chicory. The addition of chicory is for those who love filter coffee. Chicory makes the aroma and taste of coffee sharper and is beautiful compliment to caffeine present in the coffee beans.

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Dark Arts is one of the finest exports of coffee and pepper. Organically sourced and delivered to your doorstep or if you want a view of our luscious coffee and pepper plantations, come for visit!

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