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Cold and Bold

Cold Brew Blend - Coffee

If you love chocolate, then this blend is the one for you. Exclusively made for cold brewing since it leaves a lingering taste of cocoa as you continue sipping. Not too sweet with just the right hint of acidity. Though the brew is best suited to cold brewed coffee beverages, it is just as good when warmed through or pipping hot. The coffee is strong and bold enough to not be mellowed down when cold and can last through several cubes of ice. If you think this coffee can be diluted with time, you are wrong. The rich and deep flavour will last as long as it is in your cup. The cold brew blend is a premium roast-medium dark coffee. It is grown with care, handpicked and processed with a lot of attention in our Poplicad estate, situated right in the midst of valleys, which is perfect for growing slow roasted coffees. We take pride in introducing the coffee grown in our self-owned plantations directly to our customers and will ensure that the product reaches you in carefully sealed packages as soon as possible.

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Dark Arts

Made from the heaven Of Beauty, Coorg

Coorg, popularly known as Kodagu to the localities, is a beautiful hill station in the Indian state of Karnataka. Famous for its coffee and pepper plantations, its valleys, hiking trails, waterfalls and the unique fauna. Due to its cold and chilly weather, Coorgis can often be found enjoying a warm cup of coffee or hot soup with a generous amount of pepper. We revel in the quality of coffee or the taste of pepper that we bring to our table and so we decided to provide nothing but the finest of both to the world. Coorg is alos famous for the multitude variety of spices that are grown in different parts of the mountains. The spices are a beautiful compliment to the coffee when simmered together. Some of the spices found in Coorg are cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. These spices have high medicinal value and are often brewed with some coffee to turn a blue day into something less depressing. The mountains provide a nutrient rich and fertilised soil for any product to grow but are best suited for commodity coffees like Arabic and Robusta. The mountains have contributed to the various undertones of the products that grow there. It is due to Coorg that, for 35 years, Dark Arts has been supplying some of the best  grown Commodity Coffee (that are now the base of the 6 speciality coffees) and Pepper. All grown in self-owned plantations.

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